Nuon Films got its start 15 years ago by a group of friends in the small town of Bayou La Batre, Alabama. Filmmaking was just a hobby for them back then, but soon it became a dream, a goal, a way of life.

Nathaniel Nuon, even in his early years, always had a passion for films. He had an unrestricted imagination and inherited a strong work ethic from his father, Denny Sothea Nuon. It was Denny’s dream to improve the film industry in Cambodia and, in turn, improve Cambodia itself. And from father to son, the dream carried on. While most students would be doing their homework, Nathaniel would be watching movies he rented from the local video store (of course he finished his homework first). It turned out to be time well spent when his first film project he submitted to a local school contest won first place. Nathaniel and his friends, Sodric Dira, Charles Phanthapannha, and Richard Hughes, continued to perfect their art in making movies and, after graduating from high school in 2000, they moved to Orlando, FL to continue their education in film school.

Promptly after graduating they took on the task of creating their first full length feature film, scrounging up all the money they could and, with Denny Nuon’s full support, they bought all the equipment they needed and compiled a crew and a cast of free actors. Sadly their first foray into the film industry didn’t pan out well and the project never saw release. The team found that they had much more to learn. Using the experience they gained from their first film, they each worked on acquiring various skills they would need for future projects. Years went by and, with the untimely passing of Denny Nuon in 2004, it resulted in the team breaking apart.

The separation was only temporary as Nathaniel reunited with Charles and Sodric, along with many others, in 2006 to shoot a short film called “The Perfect Date”. The experience they had gained together and apart had really shown. The film, which was released to the public, was well received. It was all the push they needed and the team wasted no time starting their next project. This project was different. It was very personal to Nathaniel and had a special meaning to the Cambodian community. It was a short film titled “Residue”. Unlike the last project, “Residue” had a much more serious tone and a higher production value. This was to be the one to put Nuon Films on the map. And it did just that. “Residue” went on to win numerous accolades from several film festivals, including two Emmy’s for Best Production and Best Original Score. For its achievements, Nathaniel was invited to speak at a panel during the Asolo Art Film Festival in Italy on censored cinema in third world countries. Nuon Films had reached international acclaim.

The next few projects were mostly commercials and music videos. Even though work was steady, Nathaniel was prepping for his next big milestone. In 2012, after finishing their latest music video “The Final Answer” for Cambodian artist Jay Chan, they decided that the time had come. Now that the team, along with new additions Mike Green and Logan Bowes, was as strong as ever, it was time to embark on their most ambitious project yet, “Broken Balance”. And thus, the story continues…



Nuon Films’ goal is to create a cinematographic project that will also be commercially attractive to a mass audience through theatrical exhibition, pay-per view, cable broadcast and all home-video formats.


Nuon Films utilizes some of the best filmmaking gear to create our projects and we make it available for rent to the public.

Post & VFX

We utilize an army of industry leading software, including Adobe After Effects, 3D Studio Max, Maya, Nuke, and Cinema 4D, to make your VFX as realistic as possible. Let us use our arsenal of knowledge and technology to take the film project to the next level!

360 VR

We partner up with 3rd Realm Creations to produce 360 videos and VR content!

Our Work